An Overview of Travel Nursing Employment

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Travel nurses have long served as an essential resource to hospitals and clinics needing temporary help with staffing. The ongoing nursing shortage has created an even greater need for these professionals. Many travel nurse jobs offer short-term contracts lasting several days or months. These contracts often include housing and competitive pay.

Temporary Contracts

When you sign a travel nursing employment contract, you agree to work at a healthcare facility for a limited time. This can be anywhere from four to thirteen weeks. However, some assignments may last longer than this. You can explore the area and learn more about its culture and history during this time. Working with new healthcare systems can also improve your skills and experience. A temporary contract is a great way to get the most out of your nursing career. It is an excellent way to build expertise in different care settings while learning about what you like and don’t like about each place. You can extend your contract if you love a particular hospital or care setting. Many agencies offer this service. Another option is to take a short-term contract and switch to a permanent position after getting to know the facility better. This will give you more experience and help you to build your resume and secure a more long-term nursing job. The best way to find a permanent job is to sign up with a nursing recruitment agency. These agencies usually partner with hospitals, so they know what healthcare facilities need and can connect you to jobs that fit your qualifications and preferences.


Hospitals and other health organizations often need to fill temporary openings during the year because of unexpected nursing shortages or maternity leave. These positions can last weeks or months, and hospitals often hire travel nurses to help fill them. Nurses who choose to work as travel nurses can decide where they want to work and how long they want to stay. They can also take time off between contracts to visit family or explore their new surroundings. A great thing about travel nursing is that it gives you a feel for the various types of hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide. You may work in a large metropolitan hospital or a small community hospital in a rural area. As a travel nurse, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet and build relationships with other nurses nationwide. These relationships are a massive benefit of this career, and they can make your transition to a different facility easier when you arrive.

Tax Home

Travel nursing is a great way to travel the country and experience new places. But, knowing the different tax rules for travel nurses is essential. For a travel nurse, a tax home is a city or area where they earn most of their income. This does not necessarily mean their permanent address – it can be anywhere they travel to for work. A tax home is used to help you claim several different tax deductions when traveling, including transportation reimbursements and per diems. In addition to this, a tax home is essential in determining if you qualify for a non-taxable stipend. To be eligible for a tax-free stipend, travel nurses must maintain their tax home and meet two requirements. They must keep regular business/employment in their tax home. Consult a professional if you need help establishing and maintaining your tax home. They can ensure that your tax returns are filed correctly, and that you get the most money back in your pockets. A travel nurse should keep their main home in the same state for at least 30 days a year between assignments.


Hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health providers, and other healthcare organizations often rely on travel nurses to fill various roles. These assignments typically last from a few weeks to a few months. As nursing staffing shortages worsen, hospitals and other healthcare facilities turn to travel nurses for short-term staffing solutions. These professionals can help cover maternity, vacation, and medical leave absences for nurses working on staff. Many agencies offer travel nurses 13-week contracts, allowing them to get a feel for different hospitals and their operations before deciding where to work permanently. They also allow nurses to choose standard apartment leases and secure housing, which can be challenging to find when working for shorter periods. The nursing profession is in crisis, and many nurses are leaving the field or switching to jobs that don’t require as much work as those at a hospital. These factors have led to higher nurse turnover and burnout. Travel nursing employment offers an excellent opportunity for experienced and seasoned nurses to experience new environments while securing a competitive salary. It can also be a fulfilling way to make a difference for patients in the community, such as incarcerated individuals who are at high risk for illness and have little access to care.

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